The Oakhurst First Aid Squad is dedicated to providing 24 hour pre-hospital emergency care and transportation to the residents and visitors of the Township of Ocean, Fire District No. 1.

The Oakhurst First Aid Squad will enhance the quality of life in the community it serves by providing the highest level of out-of-hospital care possible, thereby improving the outcomes of catastrophic illness and significant injury. This mission will be accomplished in a caring environment with an emphasis on the safety and professional competency of all its volunteers.

We here at the Oakhurst First Aid Squad have always believed that great things are built from little things. Little things, which are perfected until they become part of our squad’s cultures and value system. The respect and courtesy our squad shows to the people we serve. The kindness, concern and excellence of the patient care we deliver.
As volunteers, Oakhurst First Aid Squad strives to be a leader in the field of emergency medical services. We work every day to give our township 110%.