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Press Release May 20th 2011:

Ocean Township, NJ, May 18, 2011: The Oakhurst First Aid Squad participated in an “Active Shooter” Exercise with the Township of Ocean Emergency Services at the Township of Ocean Intermediate School. What is an “Active Shooter” and what does it mean to you? If you have school aged children I am sure you will want to know. Two nice quiet young men at Columbine High School were active shooters!
Every year the school system, Police Department, Fire Department, First Aid Squad and many other agencies gather to practice their “Active Shooter” plans! Unfortunately, Columbine was not an isolated incident. Most recently, we remember the mass killings at Virginia Tech in December 2009. We must be prepared for such incidents and these exercises are how we assure that all agencies are ready.
The Oakhurst First Aid has formed a “S.A.V.E. Team” to handle such events. This team, “Swift Assisted Victim Extraction” Team, has preparing for this exercise for weeks. Our plan has been prepared for several years. This is our third “Active Shooter” exercise and with each successive drill, we are learning more and are honing our skills. We will eventually teach all members the techniques of this elite team.
If you would like to join the Oakhurst First Aid Squad and perhaps become a member of this team, please email OakhurstEMS@aol.com.

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